Privacy Policy

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We care about your privacy like we do our own — it's built in to every corner of LunchTable. If you ever have questions, concerns, or ideas on gaining more privacy on LT, let us know.

Anonymous Usage

LunchTable is entirely anonymous, and we're proud to provide a group messaging platform that could function forever without asking for your personal information.

We keep the minimal amount of data needed to facilitate your conversations (i.e. your username, current group, and posts, but not your IP address). Messages are stored until deleted or expired, and the majority of your user account is stored locally on your computer.


If you want a similar experience, but with an identity you can maintain across devices, try out LunchTables.


All information is encrypted between your computer and our servers to prevent eavesdropping. You should always see https:// at the beginning of the address in your browser, along with a green lock. Do not proceed if your browser ever gives you a warning about this.

Deleted data

Anything you delete on your account will be removed from our servers in at least 30 minutes, but in no more than 1 hour. We maintain this buffer to ensure posts you've deleted can be restored, should you click the Undo button.

Law Enforcement

We don't hand data over to local or federal law enforcement without a court order. And while notifying you may be difficult if you haven't signed up, we'll let you know of any data request unless legally prevented from doing so.


We use Google Analytics so we can understand, in general, how users like you use the site. It allows us to know how many visitors we get, but doesn't track you when you're not on LunchTable. That's just creepy.

If you don't like this, there are great third party browser extensions like DoNotTrackMe and Ghostery that will block Analytics on LunchTable and many other sites.